It’s like pulling teeth

I have never been comfortable with the pulling of teeth.  I rarely let my dad pull my teeth, even if they were dangling by a thread.  It was really disconcerting to me.

So along comes Roxie and Reagan in the last two weeks, asking me to pull their teeth, which are dangling by a thread.  I balked both times.  I don’t want to pull my children’s teeth.  What if I accidentally pull them too early?  Or slip?

But I’ve been taking a small piece of paper towel (the quality, Costco kind) and pulling those suckers out.  When I pulled Reagan’s, she complained that I “didn’t get it”, even as I stood in front of her, displaying her tooth in between my thumb and index finger.  That was sort of funny.

Wendy and I have also had a hard time remembering to remind the tooth fairy to pick up the notes and teeth under the girls’ pillows, as well as to deposit a buck for each tooth.

Reagan’s talk on Living the Teachings of Jesus Chris Strengthens me and my Family

In our lives, we can live life without the gospel, or we can live with it.  There are natural results from each of these choices.

In our family, when we forget to do important things like read our scriptures or have daily prayers, we notice that things don’t run as smoothly around the house.  The Spirit isn’t as strong as it should be.

However, when we do those things that we’ve been asked to do by Heavenly Father, things go much better.  When I am kind to Roxie, Jackson and Lucy, I feel happy and know that I’m doing the right thing.

I know that if we choose to live according to Jesus Christ’s example, that we can find peace and strength in our lives.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.